A New Show, You Say? That’s Terrific!

NEXT SHOW AT 11PM on JANUARY 25th, 2014!

As everyone in the free world now surely knows, this past October the Varscona Theatre bid a fond farewell to Susanna Patchouli and to her notorious Euro-style party-chat-game show Oh Susanna. But the great lady’s departure does not mean the end of hilarious late night hi-jinks  in Old Strathcona, for a brand new magazine-style musico-variety info-spectacle has already coalesced from gaseous inspiration to entertainingly solid form and makes its debut Saturday, November 30th at 11pm. We think this is terrific news and we’re not afraid to say so, and in this spirit we’re thrilled to announce that the name of the show is That’s Terrific! It’ll be an enthusiastic celebration of all things notable, important, encouraging, and superior, presented by a vivacious team of Varscona notables.

The principle host/producers of That’s Terrific! are Belinda Cornish,  Andrew MacDonald-Smith, Rachel Bowron, and Mathew Hulshof, working with Producer General Stewart Lemoine. Pianist Erik Mortimer adds his own special puddin’ to the mix, and master technician Brad Fischer wields a few keyboards of his own.

It’s exciting, it’s amusing, it’s unexpected, it’s imminent... and That’s Terrific!

Tickets for That’s Terrific! are available at the special introductory rate of $12 regular or $10 for Teatro La Quindicina subscribers and Die-Nasty members. There are no reservations or advance sales. All tickets go on sale at the door at 10:15pm.

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